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Responsive WordPress Website Design:

Steven designs Responsive WordPress Websites from start to finish, including website hosting services. A Responsive Website is mobile-ready, so it will dynamically resize the width of the website and the content, so it can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer with equal ease of reading and online ordering. Today, website viewers are using many mobile devices to consume content, browse social media and connect with each other, listen to and download music, watch movies and watch local Time Warner television on any device.

People of all ages make purchases on their smartphones and tablets, and websites need to keep up with the latest technologies and strategies. Easy to understand design, navigation and clear information dissimenation is essential, more than ever before. Google recently announced that if your website is not mobile ready, you will fall in their search rankings as well. This will be a huge impact on the web. More than 50% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. About 80% of all people 30 or under who are not in school, do not own a computer. If you want to reach your market, you need to be mobile. We will make that happen for you.

The Responsive WordPress Websites that we currently design deliver on all platforms with ease. We customize the WodrPress tempaltes we start with to give your website a unique look & feel. These types of sites enable you, the website owner, to drive traffic to your website on mobile devices, sell your goods and connect with possible customers at a bar or a restaurant, during a break walking at Town Lake, waiting for an appointment, or relaxing in their backyard with loved ones, browsing for their dream home on the iphone, like they can on Austin West Properties' website, below.

Here are our latest Responsive WordPress Website Designs:
Click on the website image to go to the website. Try it on your mobile devices. The enigma media website isn't mobile ready yet, so you will see the difference as you look at the two websites on your phone. If you are at your computer, grab the right edge of your browser window and drag it to the left to make the width of the page smaller. The
Responsive website will resize itself, content and type, instantly.

Austin West Properties. You can search for a specific area to buy your new home with your selected search criteria with the area map from ABOR. Or browse by any criteria listed or by image. Includes around 500 MLS listings in the Austin Texas area. Instant communication and helpful links for buyers. Browse on your smartphone or tablet over dinner! Copyrighting in addition to design and hosting.

  Austin West Properties



Austin Family Mental Health. You can find out information on the practice, with maps, bus schedules, forms to download, print and fill out for your visit. Lots of information on the website, with more to come. Logo Design and copyrighting in addition to design and hosting.

Austin Family Mental Health

Austin Voice Data. Data solutions for inter or intranet, VoIP telephone systems. Services include troubleshooting, IT work and system upgrades. Logo Design and copyrighting in addition to design..

Austin Voice Data


Poodie Party. Poodie Locke Was a legend in the Austin Area for over 40 years. He ran Poodie's Hilltop Saloon in Spicewood and was Willie Nelson's Road manager for over 35 years and was a larger than life character. This annual party is a day long concert, festival and golf tournament, just the way Poodie would have wanted it. Copywriting, logo & poster design in addition to website design & hosting.

poodie party

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