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Website Design:

Steven Ray Austin started designing & developing highly visual and usable web sites in 1997. In conjunction with our associates, we will design and host your website as well as providing any back-end programming and webmastering that is needed. We work closely with you and your staff to get the results that you need.

We also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analytics and techniques for our website clients along with complete webmaster services. We have many successful sites for you to look over, with others in various stages of development.

Contact us for a free consultation about your logo, branding and website requirements.

Here are the intro screens of several web sites that we have designed, host and/ or webmaster. Click on an image to visit the active websites.

Taco Xpress: Maria's Taco Xpress is a widely known taco restaurant in South Austin, with great happy hours and live music. Complete website design, with photography, writing, hosting, & webmastering.

Taco Xpress website

Austin Roadhouse Records: Great live MP3 music, free to download from Austin, Texas, as well as art downloads. Complete website design, writing, hosting, & webmastering.

Austin Roadhouse Records

Rock Howard Visual Messaging: Rock is running as a Libertarian Candidate for the Texas State Senate. Enigma Media designed the visual messaging as well as a 'faux music poster' for the campaign. Click on the poster on the website to view a larger version.

Rock Howard Bumper Sticker


Linda Drake Books: Linda is an intuitive life path healer who has written her first book 'Reaching Through The Veil To Heal' about loosing a loved one and how to cope with your personal loss. Complete website design, hosting, webmastering, plus collateral material. Now offline.

Linda Drake Books

Worldwide Shipping Agency: This Austin company will ship
almost anything overseas in Containers; Roll-on- Roll-off and Boats. Complete website redesign, css implementation, webmastering
and new logo in 2006.

Worldwide Shipping


Shake Russell: Shake is a Texas music legend with songs selling 17 million copies. Original design in 2000, redesign in 2007, webmastering and hosting.

Shake Russell Website

LZ Love: LZ Love is a singer-songwriter with a hypnotic voice. Website redesign in 2007, webmastering.

LZ website

Andrew Hardin: Guitarist Extraordinaire. Website redesigned in 2006, webmastering and hosting.

Andrew Hardin website

ABK Research: This Austin based company researches court documents, provides background checks and more. New website designed in 2006, webmastering and hosting.

ABK Research Website Design

The Perry Wing Band: Featuring Austin singer-songwriter Perry Wing, this band plays in Texas and tours Europe. Brand new website in 2006, webmastering and hosting.

Perry Wing Band Website design

Darin Green:
Darin is a motivational speaker with lots of energy and humor. Website redesign, 2007.

Darin Green website

The Luxury Web Hotel: Featuring luxury web hosting. Logo and website design. Now offline.

Calvin Russell: Calvin is a Roots Rock, Texas singer-songwriter with an International audience. New website design in 2005, webmastering and hosting. Now offline.

South Congress Records: A new record label from Austin, Texas. New website design in 2001, webmastering and hosting.

Bouchercon 2002: The World Mystery Convention in Austin, Texas for 2002. Webmaster services only. Now offline.

K2 Systems Group: Information design, website and logo design, webmastering and hosting for a printing equipment company. Now offline.

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